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 We serve a full menu of financial services daily

We understand the importance of keeping track of financial transactions and ensuring financial stability for businesses. With our expertise and attention to detail, we strive to provide exceptional bookkeeping services to meet the unique needs of each client.

“Multiple zeros are sexy, but multiple commas are sexier.”
Cathy Mallers, Founder

The Appetizer

When bookkeeping takes you away from your daily tasks and interferes with booking more clients, this no-frills package is for you. We specifically created this for mainly solopreneurs or entrepreneurs who are building their first Team to grow their business exponentially for the first time.
$199.00+Per Month
  • Reconcile bank, credit card, and one merchant account (Stripe, PayPal, etc.)
  • Monthly transaction entry
  • Monthly financial report sent by the 15th of each month
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Small Plates

When you’re ready to expand your business into the next level of Teamwork and start delegating your day-to-day financials or looking to understand your financials from a monthly standpoint so you can become more educated in their effect on your business growth, Small Plates is for you!
$450.00+Per Month
  • Everything from Appetizers
  • Monthly Zoom check-in to review financials, answer questions, etc.
  • Assistance with payroll processing through the company of your choosing (if you’re manually running payroll, we can make recommendations on how to expand)
  • Submission of 1099s when/if applicable
  • Unlimited Email Support
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Main Course

When you need to fully outsource your bookkeeping because you’re ready to focus 100% on growing your business from the front end, this is for you rather than keeping track of the back end. We typically work with 6-7+ figure businesses with the Main Course Package, taking all the financials into a done-for-you, hands-off, keep-your-time-off-for-yourself kind of life and business
$1500.00+Per Month
  • Everything from Small Plates
  • Payment/Payroll running for Independent Contractors
  • Payment to credit card/vendor bills
  • Weekly Zoom check-ins for financial updates
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The Clean-Up

You didn't start your business because you have a passion for P&Ls (or even know what they are.). But here you are! You've been practicing "bank balance accounting" and have now come to a point where you need to produce financial statements for your bank or a potential investor or purchaser. Perhaps too, your current bookkeeping doesn’t have real structure and is distracting you from making sales, future planning, and working with clients.
$3500.00+Per Month
  • Clean up 12 months of bookkeeping
  • Reconcile bank, credit card, and merchant account processing (ex: Square, Paypal, etc.)
  • Record all transactions, categorized
  • Monthly financial reports for all your profit and loss (P&L statements)
  • Two 30-minute Zoom wrap-up statements before & after you meet your accountant
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