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what we offer

We believe that selecting the right financial services firm is paramount to the financial success!

Highly qualified tax consultants with many years of experience in the field offer a full range of services to help you build a sound financial future.

Tax advice received in time allows you to avoid many problems with the tax authorities.  We will help you as efficiently as possible and in a short time.

our team

James Walker

Accounting Manager

Hanna Green

Budget Analyst

Lola Carter


John Lee

Senior Tax Accountant

Lena Lewis

Personal Financial Advisor
The detailed planning of the business result over the short & long run, increasing return on investment.
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Leading and controlling your team & resources with the overall aim of achieving business objectives.
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Keeping your bank account and taxes up-to-date, payroll, tax planning & preparation.
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what we do

The real experts in the field will provide

High standards, responsiveness, and qualified services are the three underlying principles of work.


We work with the best brands

We work with the best brands


Cathy, thank you so much for helping with understanding my QuickBooks.  Just having you walk me through the basics was enough for me to get a good grasp on my business.  I can’t thank you enough. 

Patty, Beacon Investment Group

Cathy’s top-notch team saw me through an endless amount of estate-related demands and seemingly countless to-do’s!  I survived intact emotionally and physically with Cathy and her team’s expertise, integrity and genuine caring.  Two thumbs up – way up! 

Laura, Healthy Dining

There are many times in the business world where timelines push and accuracy is so critical.  We know we can always count on you and your team to deliver.  I always look forward to giving you a call with my latest request, as I know I will receive a positive response.

Bobbie, Crown Mortgage

Cathy has really done wonders for my business and my sanity.  She has put endless amounts of time and patience into getting my books in order.  I really can’t thank her enough.  Cathy is an asset to anyone’s business.

Gina, Imaginative Studios

Cathy has been my bookkeeper for about 9 years now from the beginning of my business. Wherever I need help when issues arise, she is always quick to respond to bring clarity. Cathy also comes with a great professional network that she has been building for over a decade. Whenever I need to find a professional to service aspects of my business she is the first one I contact. The accounting firm and insurance agent I have used for years were her referrals. She has been a solid, stable presence, and as any business owner knows, you need to be able to rely on the professionals who make your business run smoothly and Cathy is that and more.



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Every day we post new articles covering state, local, and international taxation. Have a question about the article?  Leave a comment.

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